A Love Unexpected: Chapter 56


Chapter 56

Ceremony Starts

Bruno’s POV

Just a bit aways I could hear the music start, instead of going with a traditional wedding song both Sarita and I picked ” If I knew ” played by a pianist accompanied by a violinist and cieloist.

Both dad and Leah were standing on both sides. ” Its okay just breath ” said Dad smiling, ” don’t worry she’s feeling the same as well ” replied Leah smiling, ” but not as nervous as I’m feeling now ” I said trying not to laugh. Suddenly David came to us, ” okay ready? ” he asked.

I took one last deep breath before I hooked my arm with Leah while dad put a hand on my back, I looked towards David and nodded, ” left and right ” he whispered as we began walking down the isle.

Once everyone saw me walking in they all got up and started cheering which got me laughing, people from the music industry were here, prodcers, directors, celebrities and of course family and friends.

This is it I’m getting married to the woman I’m in love with, my soulmate, I get to call her my wife and the one I share my life with. I’ve waited so long to meet the woman I’ll be growing old with, I don’t know what life obstacles are to come for us but I know that Sarita will be there with me.

Once we reached the end, Leah gave me a kiss on the cheek along with a hug then took her seat on the right next to Lucas, followed by dad also giving me a hug and taking his seat on the left. I took my spot on the alter and watched as Eric and Philip walked down followed by the others coming out.

As each of the guys came out it was only a matter of time til Sarita came out. The music continued playing and then that’s when I saw Tanya walking out followed by Katherine, My sisters and Sarita’s sister in laws.

My breathing started getting slow as I continued to watch, Jay and Adam came out next. My Angel was getting closer to making her appearance soon, suddenly everyone started complimenting on how adorable Lila and my nephews looked. It was a very cute sight especially since they were all under the age of 5.

I’m not only getting a wife today but I’m getting a new family with a mother, brothers, sisters, nephews and a niece. I know Leah can never replace my mom but it’s good to know I have one that loves me like a son.

Suddenly everyone got up from there chair and the music changed to the bridal march. Slowly my Angel finally made her appearance, I felt Eric bump me making me smile ” wow ” I sighed in a thick tone of voice.

Sarita’s POV

I took a deep breaths with my eyes closed, while Ricko was calm; ” hey it’s okay don’t be scared ” he whispered, ” I’m just recollecting myself ” I replied shyly. ”

David fixed my train a little before we went out, ” you look very beautiful Sarita ” said Ricko looking at me smiling, ” thank you ” I replied smiling, ” okay ready? ” asked David I nodded taking another deep breath before walking out.

As me and Ricko stepped out everyone started cheering and applauding making me feel less nervous, I was amazed seeing everyone. But then my eyes finally met Bruno who waited at the end, I couldn’t believe how handsome he looks in his tuxedo. I finally get to be with him for life and was looking forward to see what’s to come.

As we finally reached the end Bruno walked towards us, while our eyes were glued to one anothers. ” Who gives this woman to this man in marriage ” asked the priest, ” her family and I do ” answered Ricko giving me a hug then shook Bruno’s hand before placing mine in his.

We took a step onto the alter and its as though time stood as we both smiled brightly. ” You look so beautiful ” he mouthed smiling, ” your really handsome ” I replied back.

" Family and Friends before we start Bruno and Sarita wish to have a moment for the loved ones in there lives that were taken too soon " announced the priest. Everyone looked to the side and there displayed amongst white roses and Lilies with white candles lit were big photos of Bernadette and my dad.

" A moment of silence everyone " he added as they looked at the display. It was hard for me and Bruno not having his mom and my dad here, but in some form there here with us. Bruno held my hand close to his heart, " I love you so much " I whispered trying not to cry, " and I love you Sarita forever and always " he replied smiling.

Afterwards it was finally time to begin the ceremony.

Normal POV

" Family and Friends we are gathered here today to join two lives together Bruno Mars and Sarita Roche. They wish to share this moment with loved ones, destiny brought them together and that the bond of unity is here to place them together for this day " the priest explained smiling.

Throughout the whole time as the priest spoke everyone smiled while hearing the wise words of unity, love, life and marriage. On the right side Leahs tears were already falling, watching her only daughter get married was a lifes wish she’s had. She always hoped Sarita to get married to a man that will love, respect and cherish her.

When Richard passed away she thought her life was over that she wouldn’t be able to succeed in taking care of things. But she had her children and all the strength she needed from them, Leah made sure they ate well, had clothes on there back and went to school.

In the end they all grew up well and took steps of there own, ” I did good ” she sighed recalling everything.

Peter couldn’t stop smiling watching his son get married, one of his memories of Bernadette was when there kids were still young and she would randomly start talking about them getting married. She would say ” what kind of girls Eric and Bruno will like ” and ” my girls are going to have amazing husbands “.

It made him laugh a little recalling that memory. But with her gone it hurt him inside that she wasn’t able to see her son get married to a beautiful, smart and loving woman; in small ways she kinda reminded him of Bernadette.

And if Sarita had gotten the chance to meet Bernadette, she would of been scared to death since it’s Bruno’s mother. Even if scared Peter knew Bernadette would love Sarita and would enjoy getting to know her. ” Bernadette she makes our son happy, I hope you can see her from heaven ” he whispered smiling at his son and Sarita.

" At this time the couple will say there vows " announced the Priest. Sarita handed her bouquet to Tanya then joined hands with Bruno followed by the microphone handed to Sarita.

After a deep breath Sarita looked into his eyes and began talking, ” Bruno, I want you to always know I love you, without you life would be lonely, you make me smile everyday, you dry my tears, we share everything. Your everything I could wish for in a husband, your my strength, my courage, the warmth and most importantly your my heart ” she said as tears slid down the side of her face.

Bruno stood still for a bit, ” are you okay? Asked Sarita, ” buddy it’s your turn ” whispered Philip as Bruno finally reacted causing everyone to laugh, ” sorry ” he laughed before taking the microphone.

Bruno looked at Sarita before speaking, ” Sarita my Angel from heaven, I want you to know that you have completed my life. Your always there for me when somethings on my mind, you make me smile, your my inspiration to keep going, I love that your kind and caring towards others. Your my light that brightens my life, without you life would be lonely. Always remember Sarita I love you forever ” he finished as tears fell then he pressed her fingers against his brows.

Sarita’s POV

I probably wasn’t the only one with tears right now, hearing Bruno’s vow was very emotional that it even got him crying. Very carefully I wiped his tears away and he looked up at smiling, ” I love you ” I whispered, ” I love you too ” he replied as we continued on.

" Bruno do you take Sarita to be your wife to love and to hold in sickness and in health, for richer or poor as long as you both shall live, til death do you part? " asked the Priest, " I do " answered Bruno smiling at me, " Sarita do you take Bruno to be your husband to love and to hold in sickness and in health, for richer or poor as long as you both shall live, til death do you part? " he asked again, " I do " I answered blushing.

Jay and Adam walked over with the rings to Philip and Katherine who got to stand next to us.

" Rings represent a bond, to remember the vows you made to one another you said this day " explained the priest as Katherine handed me Bruno’s ring, " Bruno within your ring is the gold from Sarita’s fathers ring " he added as I smiled at Bruno’s surprised expression.

” Repeat after me Sarita ” I nodded, ” with this ring I thee wed ” he said. I took Bruno’s hand and smiled ” with this ring I thee wed ” I cried while carefully putting it on his ring finger, ” and Bruno same words ” repeated the priest. ” With this ring I thee wed ” said Bruno smiling.

Bruno’s POV

" By the power vested in me I officially pronounce you Husband and Wife, Bruno you may kiss your bride " announced the Priest I brought Sarita in, wrapped my arms tightly around her and kissed her deeply in front of our family and friends who cheered out loud.

After the kiss I looked into my wifes eyes and smiled, ” I love you so much ” I said, ” and I feel the same ” she cried giving me a light kiss. ” Ladies and Gentlemen I present Mr and Mrs Hernandez ” said Philip as we made our way up the Isle with my arm securely around her waist while everyone threw petals at us.

I couldn’t stop smiling I was now officially a married man to an amazing woman. ” Your my wife now ” I said as we walked out of the gardens, ” and your my husband ” replied Sarita glowing, ” I can’t express enough how much you mean to me and how I can make you even happier ” I explained as tears started falling down my face, Sarita smiled before gently wiping them away.

" You already made me happy " she replied smiling, " I’ll make sure its for the rest of our lives " I whispered before kissing her deeply once again. " WOOOOAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! " cheered our groups from the side, " still couldn’t get enough " teased Philip as everyone watched us.


After welcoming our guests, they we’re all at the cocktail party, enjoying drinks and amazing food prepared by the catering company.

Meanwhile were on another part of the hotel taking pictures, with both our groups and family. David made sure we had drinks and food brought to us as well.

" Mmmmmm….damn this is good " complimented Phredley as he bit into a piece of herb encrusted lamb, " you gotta try this shrimp " said Tahiti, " oh my god everything is seriously good " said Lucas as he walked around sampling everything.

Sarita and I stood by taking a sip of our drinks, ” so far so good ” sighed Sarita, ” yeah don’t forget we still got the reception ” I replied smiling, ” I know its going to be a very long and fun night ” she said blushing as I leaned to kiss her once more, ” I can taste the cocktail your having ” I whispered making her blush. ” Would you like a spring roll? ” asked the server as we both grabbed one.

I had to admit taking photos today was fun, it didn’t feel like the photo shoots I had to do for magazines or promotions; it was a nice change to be taking photos that had great meaning. Me and Sarita will be looking at these photos for years.

After lots of pictures with our groups and family it was time for the ones that would just have me and Sarita, the hotels gardens were very beautiful and set the mood. From walking or laying on the grass, to leaning against the trees, at one point I was under the veil facing my angel.


After the photos we had time to enjoy to ourselves, Sarita and I sat under the gazibal by the pond. ” my wife how do you feel so far as Mrs.Hernandez ? ” I asked smiling at her, ” I’m so happy my husband words can’t describe how I feel right now ” she replied looking up at me.

Suddenly a warm breeze kicked in, I took a look back and for a moment I thought I heard faint voices. ” Did you hear something? ” I asked looking at Sarita who had a surprised look on her face, ” yeah glad I’m not the only one ” she sighed looking around.

" It almost sounded like voices didn’t it " I explained, " I know right " Sarita replied before looking back at me with a small smile.

I took her hand in mine, ” I will do everything to keep you happy I love you ” I explained before leaning in to kiss her deeply. ” If the newly wed couple aren’t too busy the reception is about to start ” announced Eric while trying not to laugh.

We both started laughing, ” shall we my bride? ” I asked offering my hand to her, ” yes ” she replied carefully walking on the path. No doubt our guests were eagerly waiting for me and Sarita to make our appearance.

I couldn’t help but look back as we walked, ” I swear I heard something ” I thought to myself before looking back at my wife.

??? POV

A little bit aways two faded figures stood watching Bruno and Sarita walk on the garden path. The woman figure closed her eyes and smiled, ” I’m so happy for him ” she sighed then looked at the man beside her, ” I’m overjoyed to see her smile ” he said smiling.

" Your daughter has a pure heart " complimented the woman, " your son is very respectful " replied the man, " they’ll be happy together " she said smiling, " yes they will " he added. After Bruno and Sarita were out of sight they turned around and started walking.

" Beautiful ceremony don’t you think Richard? " asked the woman, " very beautiful indeed Bernadette it was kind for our children to include us " he answered, " I feel deeply touched " replied Bernadette looking up at the sky. " Same and they know we’ll always be there " said Richard as they both disappeared.



Let’s Get Fit!

I want all of it ♡♡♡♡


Let’s Get Fit!

I want all of it ♡♡♡♡





Kinda reminded me of chapter 18

Kinda reminded me of chapter 18

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Mmmmmmm…..butter popcorn flavored rice cakes

“Your not high maintenance, guys are just lazy” My coworker shared this with me
From July 20 2013 @ Rogers Arena Vancouver, British Columbia

From July 20 2013 @ Rogers Arena Vancouver, British Columbia


Bruno Mars hits 4 Million followers on Twitter.


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