Unfinished Dream: Chapter 8


Chapter 8 

Bruno’s POV


The party was definitely amazing and fun, I enjoyed it as did the others, who couldn’t get enough of how entertained they were.

Overall the night was enjoyable but what the guys said about Sarita was still on my mind. A part of me felt that there’s something else going on that she didn’t want to tell a lot of people. The way she looked insecure when I tried talking to her, said a lot.

And even though the guys convinced me to enjoy the rest of the eveninh, we ended up dancing and drinking the rest of night but now we’re heading out to get some food wherever was open. Although here in Vegas there is no problem in finding a place.

As we left the Luxor flashes from cameras were everywhere, even reporters shouting out questions about my concert that’s happening next week. I answered a few questions before the guys and I got in the awaiting limo.

" That was fun " sighed Philip making everyone laugh a bit, " yeah but now some food would be nice " replied Dwayne looking at the passing people walking on the strip. The food at the party was good but only appetizers were served and they weren’t filling. Now we’re on the hunt for anything.

My mind still wandered on about Sarita and what it could be she’s going through or hiding. Whatever it was maybe I can help her. She’s all I can think of 24/7 and when rehearsing as I look out into the empty auditorium, I picture her sitting front row looking back at me.

Suddenly a diners flashing sign got my attention, ” driver can we stop here please ” I ordered as the limo parked to the side. ” You wanna eat here? ” asked Phredley while I got out followed by them , ” why not try something new ” I said walking to the door.

As I was about to grab the handle, I looked inside and my heart started beating fast, ” what is she doing here? ” I asked myself seeing Sarita behind the counter making coffee as well as wearing a waitress uniform.

” What’s the hold up? ” asked Kameron from behind me, ” yeah what’s…” started Philip but then he peaked, ” ooohhh….we’re going in now give him a little push Kam ” he added as Kameron gave me a push in.

Once inside everyone in the diner gave us attention, ” Oh my god it’s him ” said a teenager standing from her seat and all the other females in the room which also got Sarita to look up.

” Oh my Welcome to the Vegas Strip Diner ” said a very excited staff member. ” Hi there a table for 9 please ” I replied while still looking at Sarita.

" Of course Mr.Mars, Sarita please be kind to show them to a table " asked the manager as Sarita walked over to us nervously then got menus handed to her, " please follow me " said Sarita as she led us. " You heard her follow buddy " teased Philip while the others laughed.

" Hello again " I greeted as we walked, " hello " she said blushing, " I didn’t know you worked here? " I explained. " Not many do " replied Sarita as we reached the table, " is this alright? " she asked smiling. " Yes, thank you " answered John as him and the others took a seat.

" You gonna eat standing? " asked Phredley as I snapped out of my thoughts before finally sitting down. Sarita gave each of us a menu to look over, " while your looking over the menu’s is there anything I can get for you to drink? " she asked politely holding her order slips out. " Coffee please sweetie " answered Philip smiling while we all agreed.

" Okay I’ll be right back " she replied walking away. " Fate is on your side Bruno who would of thought you get to see her again " explained James smiling, " yeah and she looks cute in her uniform " complimented Jamero looking back at her.

" I didn’t think I’d get to see her so soon but I’m happy I did " I replied smiling, " maybe this is what she doesn’t want people to know about her " said Eric, " probably but I don’t think so " I said just then Sarita was making her way back with our coffees.

" Okay guys fresh hot coffee " she announced giving us each a cup, " thank you " said Kameron smiling, " have you decided what to order? She asked. " No we haven’t what would you recommend? " I asked looking at her, " I’d get the turkey BLT you also get 2 sides " she replied peaking at Philips menu.

Sarita’s POV

Oh my god I can’t believe Bruno and his band walked in here on my night shift!!!!!!! After what happened earlier today how can I face him? But I already am now, since Megan had me show them to a table. What will he think of me now?

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even hear the voices talking to me. ” You alright? ” asked a voice that got me out of my deep thoughts, ” I’m sorry…my mind slipped I think too much sometimes ” I explained knowing my face turned red.

Suddenly someone laugh lightly which turned out to be Bruno, ” I’m sorry to laugh but I honestly thought you looked adorable just now ” he said smiling at me. I swear my breathing has just stopped, did Bruno just compliment me? ” This is very entertaining fellas ” said one of the band members.

I got back to reality and remembered that I was working, ” oh my god I’m sorry guys…you were ordering….what can I get for you all ” I said carefully listening to what they wanted. Quickly writing everything down my heart raced especially when Bruno made his.

After taking there orders I quickly walked behind the counter and gave the ticket to the chef. ” I saw that ” whispered Megan from behind me, ” saw what? ” I answered quickly reaching for the coffee pot. ” The famous Bruno Mars complimenting you ” she explained smiling.

I couldn’t help but laugh, ” Megan your seeing things ” I replied blushing, ” I know what I saw ” she teased getting me to shake my head. I laughed a little at Megans humor before I went around the restaurant refilling cups with coffee, while I waited for Bruno’s table.

A couple teenage girls or other woman would approach Bruno’s table and asked for autographs or take photos. I smiled noticing how they would interact with the fans, I’ve heard that many celebrities don’t enjoy being disturbed. But it must be an urban myth I guess? They must all love there fans?

15 Minutes Later

The sound of the bell went off, ” ORDER UP!!!! “Announced the cook quickly rushing over to the order window to carefully put Bruno’s tables order on a huge tray. ” Want me to carry the stand for you sweetie? ” asked Megan, ” yes please…I hope I don’t slip ” I replied putting the tray on my shoulder while Megan went ahead and set the stand.

After a deep breath I made my way towards them and by a miracle I succeeded. ” Okay…who ordered the double cheeseburger with curly fries? ” I asked smiling while they all had a surprised expression on there face including Bruno.

Bruno’s POV

As Sarita placed each of our plates in front of us I couldn’t believe just how amazing she truly is, she practices all day with Monica and waitresses at night. She’s working hard and putting all this effort for a reason. If only I knew?

" Bruno…Hello….Hey!!!! " said a voice trying to get me out of my deep thoughts. My eyes widen as I looked around, then I saw Sarita beside me holding my order, " are you okay? " she asked with concern. " Yes, I’m sorry about that my mind wandered away " I explained smiling.

Suddenly that familiar feeling in my chest returned, Sarita began laughing lightly at what I said. ” It happens we all need moments of deep thinking ” she replied then remembered my plate still in her hands, ” I’m sorry here’s your turkey BLT with mac’n cheese and french fries ” she added carefully placing it in front of me.

" Okay guys is there anything else I can get for you " she asked, " I think we’re all good sweet darling thank you " replied Philip smiling at her. Afterwards she picked up the tray and stand then walked back to the counter.

” Mmmm….this is good ” said John biting into his sour dough grilled sandwich, ” good pick to come here ” replied Kameron enjoying his roast beef dinner. I couldn’t help but look at everyone enjoy there food, all that kept me distracted from eating was Sarita.

" Hey buddy you should eat " said Philip once again getting me out of my deep thinking, " right I should " I replied before biting into the sandwich which had to be the best I’ve ever had. " Wow..that’s really good " I mumbled taking another bite getting everyone to laugh.


I patted my stomach feeling very satisfied with my meal, I’ll definitely have to get lunch ordered from here for now on. ” Hey guys…was everything good? ” asked Sarita coming to gather our plates, ” it was all delicious ” answered Phredley smiling, ” yeah compliments to the chef ” said Jamero before taking a sip of coffee.

After gathering the plates she walked away to the kitchen, ” okay fellas let’s scoot midnight dinner is on Bruno ” announced Philip as they all got up. I laughed a bit hearing him as I was getting up Eric stopped me, ” you have to stay and talk to her ” he explained smiling.

" What when was this decided? " I asked curiously, " when we noticed how your eyes were glued on her " answered Dwayne smiling, " tell you what we’ll take a cab and you take the limo….okay see you later " explained Eric as he and the others took off. I looked to the side smiling, " you got abandoned? " asked Sarita holding the check in her hands.

" Looks like it but it’s okay….what do I owe you " I asked taking my wallet out, " you know what it’s on us don’t worry " she replied smiling, " I gotta do you something, you were amazing to us " I said looking at her. " Really you don’t have to " said Sarita, " can I at least take you out? " I asked causing her to look at me with a surprised look.

Sarita’s POV

Did I just hear right? Did he just ask me out? ” Um…I ” as I stuttered Megan rushed over hopefully to help me out. ” Sarita it’s time for your coffee break take all the time you want ” she said in excitement while handing me a cup of coffee. ” Megan you traitor ” I thought seeing her rush away from me.

Bruno laughed a bit, ” looks like you got duped ” he teased which got me laughing as well, ” I guess I did ” I laughed unable to process what just happened. ” Have a seat ” offered Bruno as he kindly pulled out a chair for me, ” thank you ” I replied feeling my face get warm, no ones ever done that for me.

" So….you work here too? " he asked sitting back in his chair, " yeah for a couple weeks now " I replied looking at the coffee cup. " Sarita I want to apologize for what happened yesterday I shouldn’t have asked about your personal life " said Bruno in a depressing sound of voice which hit me hard.

" No..don’t apologize Bruno the one that should be asking for forgiveness is me " I replied, " I should be saying sorry for being so rude and insecure " I added looking concerned at him. " I gotta admit I’ve never met anyone like you Sarita, you work hard " he explained smiling.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, ” It’s you that works the hardest Bruno ” I said looking down, ” your music touches the heart of people everyday and it’s brilliant you have an amazing gift ” I added as he stared back. ” That means a lot but you got amazing talent too ” he replied, ” it’s nothing special ” I stated before taking a sip of coffee.

Bruno’s POV

My eyes looked back at her while taking a sip of coffee, ” don’t say that Sarita you got something that I’ve never seen in anyone before ” I explained getting her full attention, ” your dancing could make a room go silent anyone can get mesmorized by how you move ” I added in a serious tone of voice.

I haven’t been able to tell anyone else about how I’ve seriously felt, from the moment I saw Sarita dance on stage. She was so brilliant that I could watch her for hours, and it wasn’t because it was pole dancing but you see how passionate she was while performing.

Sarita looked lost for words, ” You okay? ” I asked reaching for her hand. ” I don’t know what to say? ” she replied finally coming back to reality, ” anything as long I can hear your voice ” I said smiling. ” Your very kind thank you ” she commented smiling brightly.

" Your welcome….but if you can would you want to go out sometime? " I asked, " um….I don’t know " she answered nervously. " Are you seeing someone or do you have a boyfriend? " I asked slowly pulling back.

When she looked up at me her anxiety came up, ” No I’m not either..it’s just I haven’t let anyone in my life for a while ” she replied, ” why’s that? ” I asked getting more curious. ” Don’t laugh when I say this but I’m afraid ” explained Sarita.

" What are you afraid of? " maybe this is what she doesn’t want people to know. " That guys won’t accept….my little girl " she said which completely got me by surprise.

I was on edge myself for a minute there, I thought she was going to say something crazy like she’s a convict or she killed someone or even a murderer, but no its only a baby. She’s a mother.

I breathed normally before smiling, ” is that it? You have a child? ” I asked looking at her, she only nodded. ” I think that’s fine ” I added noticing how calm and relaxed she was. ” Really? ” she sighed, ” yeah your working this hard to take care of her ” I replied.

" Her and my mom shortly after my daughter was born mom got in a bad car accident " Sarita explained while my eyes widen, " and has a bad back injury til she’s fully recovered I’m working for all of us " she added. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, Sarita is working to take care of her family. " That’s a lot to take on " I replied.

Sarita let out a deep sigh, ” I know but it’s the least I can do for her after she helped me when I was pregnant ” she said, ” what about your daughters father? Where is he? ” I asked, ” if you don’t mind me asking? ” I added noticing Sarita taking a deep breath.

" To be honest I could care less about him, call me selfish but I don’t ever want him near my daughter " she explained in an angry tone, " what happened? " I said curiously, " the second I told him I was pregnant he said get rid of it " she answered while wiping her tears. I suddenly felt angry what kind of a man says that to a woman!!!

" Are you kidding me " I said but she only shook her head, " I’m sorry about what that asshole said to you " I added, " what angers me the most is that later in life I’ll have to explain to Eva that the man who created her didn’t even want her " she whispered drying away her tears. " Then don’t just do what your doing now to keep her happy and teach her the good in life " I explained holding her hand.

Sarita’s POV

I suddenly felt a huge lift off my shoulders, I’ve been keeping this from so many because I was afraid of what they might think of me as a single mother. Then I realized that I just shared all of my hardships with Bruno, oh god how could I just tell him all of this?

" I’m sorry to have shared all of this with you " I said rubbing my forehead feeling light headed. " It’s okay I’m glad that you can tell me about yourself " he replied smiling. " It’s been awhile since I’ve talked to anyone " I said, " but after what my ex did I just started shutting out people and there was no way I could dance again " I added looking down.

" I’m going to take a wild guess at this….and say you put your dance career behind to take care of your daughter " said Bruno, " that’s more then an exact guess but yes " I answered, " I couldn’t go off and leave her to be raised by my mom, I had to put everything behind to be a good mother " I added tearing up again.

" I’m really glad to hear that Sarita I’m relieved " he commented, " it hasn’t been easy for you and I hope you can let people know, like how you’ve opened up to me " he added holding my hand up." And if you ever want to talk I’ll listen ".

I couldn’t help but feel like I was getting warm again, I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on right now but it was something I hadn’t felt in a long time. Bruno is even holding my hand, oh my god!!!! ” Thank you Bruno that means a lot ” I replied trying to cover my face.

" Sarita, everything’s under control why not call it an early night okay " said Megan as she came up to us, " are you sure? " I asked blushing, " of course you can…see you in 2 weeks " she added before patting me on the back. " Your off now then? " asked Bruno smiling, " I guess I am " I answered trying not to laugh.

I let out a tired yawn, ” would you like a ride home? ” he asked getting my full attention, ” thank you but I don’t want to be any trouble ” I replied nervously, ” I insist and your exhausted come on ” said Bruno taking my hand then lead me to the door while my face was bright red.

" Sarita your purse " said Megan rushing to me, " thank you " I squeaked taking my purse, " thanks for the awesome food I’ll come back again " said Bruno smiling, " glad you came " Megan replied as Bruno led me out followed by Megan giving me the " tell me everything " symbol.

When we walked out I notice a limo parked in front of the diner, ” oh my god you came here in this? ” I asked, ” it’s pretty much what I get around in but I prefer my Cadillac when I get a chance ” he explained smiling as the driver opened the door. ” Ladies first ” he added smiling.

I took a deep breath before getting in and I just kept getting more surprised. My god this isn’t a car it’s a house looking at how much room there was and to top it off it had a fully stocked bar.

" Okay shall we take you home " said Bruno as he took a seat beside me, I nodded my head then let the driver know my address. " I really don’t live far from here " I explained nervously while looking around the limo. " It’s no trouble at all " replied Bruno.

Bruno’s POV

I couldn’t help but smile at her on how she looked around the limo, I thought it was cute the way she looked. ” I’m also guessing this is the first time your in a limo? ” I asked getting her attention, ” is it that obvious ” she replied looking at me, ” a little ” I said before we both started laughing.

" I’m sorry it’s just I haven’t had the chance to really enjoy anything " Sarita explained, " Eva is a bit of a handful " she added smiling.

” I can imagine 3 of my older siblings have kids but there good ” I replied, ” they must enjoy having you as there uncle ” said Sarita, ” oh yeah we have fun but I’m sure your daughter has uncles and aunts that spoil her ” I said noticing Sarita look to the side.

" Sadly no…it’s just me and my mom " she answered, " I’m an idiot I apologize Sarita " I sighed. How could I go off and say that without even asking, " your not an idiot you shouldn’t call yourself something hurtful okay " she replied smiling.

My smile slowly returned hearing her comment, ” if you insist ” I said as we came up to an apartment building, ” is this it? ” I asked looking at the building. ” Yeah it’s very cozy ” said Sarita picking up her purse, ” thank you for taking me home ” she added nervously.

" No….Sarita thank you for letting me " I replied smiling at her which only got her blushing again, " um….good morning Bruno see you later " she said getting out, " good morning Sarita " I answered before closing the door.

I stayed til she entered the gates then left, this has definitely been a good day. Sarita opened up to me and she was calm throughout the whole time, but hearing about her ex telling her to get rid of the baby she was expecting was unforgivable. I hope I never see that asshole.

I can only hope she will allow me to get close, I don’t know what it is but I enjoy being close to Sarita.


A wondering mind turned 1 today!

A wondering mind turned 1 today!

After a long days work this treat was well deserved

After a long days work this treat was well deserved

Okay….my turn!!!!

Okay….my turn!!!!

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Unfinished Dream: Chapter 7


Chapter 7 

Sarita’s POV

I let out an exhausting sigh while walking towards the stage, it’s been crazy how things turned out after the auditions. Long days of practicing and getting perfection, them go home to cook, clean and play with Eva til bedtime.

Even with finally getting a chance to dance again, I’m still working at the restaurant to make extra money. I maybe dancing for a celebrity but it doesn’t mean I think of myself as high and mighty, I’m still me.

I massaged my neck gently as I finally walked out to the stage where I saw workers fixing areas, my eyes looked around til they reached where I’ll be dancing. ” just another week ” I whispered smiling. ” Excited? ” someone asked from behind me, causing me to jump.

When I turned around I saw Bruno, ” I’m sorry for scaring you ” he replied trying not to laugh, ” it’s okay no harm I just get startled very easily ” I explained taking a moment to recollect myself. ” How have you been? I don’t see you a lot? ” he asked smiling.

” Um yeah….I’ve been good just really busy ” I replied looking at him while feeling my insecurity rise, ” Monica has me working on the routines a lot ” I added as we walked to the stairs. ” I bet, when James.H described her I thought is she a general ” teased Bruno which got me laughing a bit, because in a way she was like a general.

" It’s definitely not a walk in the park " I said adjusting my bag, " I hear ya….The road to stardom has never been an easy path " he commented letting me walk down the stairs first.

" You mind if I ask how long you been dancing for? " asked Bruno walking behind me, " uh…..the answer to your question is since I was 8 " I answered looking at my feet, " wow long time then " he said amazed.

I slowly started feeling very uneasy and tense, I haven’t socialized in awhile and here’s Bruno Mars wanting to talk to me. ” I don’t want to be rude, but I can’t talk about certain things ” I said looking down while gripping my arm and my back facing him.

God I’m such an idiot!!!!!!

Bruno’s POV

I’m finally able to talk to her after weeks of not seeing her, but all I could sense is how tense and on edge she is. Even when I asked her a question. ” Hey it’s okay ” I said smiling at her.

As soon as I said those words, everything she felt building up just went away. ” Are you okay? I asked stepping closer to her, ” yes I’m sorry about that ” she replied looking up at me, ” don’t worry we all have a those moments” I explained. ” Thank you ” she whispered slowly smiling at me.

The moment I saw her smile, my mind went blank, how is it that she has this affect. ” You have a seriously beautiful smile ” I said out loud causing my eyes to widen and freeze where I was standing. She looked at me with a shocked expression, ” pardon? ” she asked taking a step back.

Oh shit!!!!!!! What did I just say!!!!!! I opened my mouth a bit to speak again, ” your smile is seriously beautiful Sarita ” I repeated nervously, ” um…I..I’m…sorry I shouldn’t have said that I mean I think your ” I stuttered feeling more like a fool.

" I’m sorry I really gotta go Bruno " she said walking away quickly, " oh geez….did I do something wrong? " I asked out loud. " Dammit " I added sitting in one of the audience chairs.

Sarita’s POV

I literally bolted away from him!!! How could I have sunk to the lowest if human specimens????

I took my cell phone our and immediately dialed Tanya, it’s possibly she’s working but this was a bit of an emergency. I continued walking away from the hotel on the long path? While keeping a look out for coming cars.

After a few rings she finally picked up, ” hi sweetie!!!! How’s it going with your dream ” she greeted causing me smile as tears ran down my face, ” it’s good I’ve been practicing like crazy ” I replied. ” That’s good, see I told you ” complimented Tanya, ” so what else can I do for you ” she added.

I stopped walking when she asked, ” someone saw the insecurity side of me ” I answered, ” oh no who was it? ” she asked causing me to bite my bottom lip. I took a deep breath before speaking, ” Bruno ” then I shut my eyes tightly.

" WHAT!!!!! " shouted Tanya making me pull away from the phone, " OF ALL PEOPLE HE SAW YOU IN YOUR INSECURE STATE " she added, " yes he did " I replied while continuing to walk again.

” Sarita we’ve said this once and we’ll say it again ” said Tanya as I finally reached the strip, ” you have to let your insecurity go, I know your still hurting after what Jeff did ” she added looking up at the sky.

" I know but I can’t, his words keep repeating " I explained, " plus how will I know that the next man I let in my life won’t say anything worse then what Jeff said " I added crossing the busy traffic filled streets.

Tanya let out a deep sigh, ” he won’t because that man will love you more then Jeff could ” she replied. When I got to the other side of the street I took a moment to think, am I letting my fear cloud my judgment to the point I scare people away. I’m able to talk to customers that come into the diner everyday, but why am I unable to talk to guys?

" Sarita..you still there? Hello!! " asked Tanya as her voice brought me back to reality, " I’m sorry my mind kinda wandered, I’m uncertain of a lot of things Tanya it’s going to take me some time " I replied noticing I was getting close to my job.

" I know but please Sarita try, promise me " said Tanya possibly smiling on the other line, " okay I’ll try " I answered seeing the diner up ahead, " hey talk to you later okay I’m at work " I added, " okay see you tomorrow " she said before we hung up.

I opened the door and walked in, ” hi Sarita ready for another night? ” asked Megan smiling, ” you know me I’ll be out shortly ” I answered before going to the back to change into my waitress uniform. I had to admit it’s very cute, it was a classy light pink with a white apron.

After quickly changing and tying my hair back I took a deep breath then exhaled slowly, ” try ” I sighed before walking out to the front where the dinner rush was starting.

Normal POV


The Las Vegas night life was anything but an amazing night of crazy and extraordinary parties, clubs and unforgettable nights. Parties didn’t end til early mornings and people would spend the day sleeping.

Deep inside the pyramid hotel also known as the Luxor hotel within there Dollhouse night club, a crowd pleasing and exclusive V.I.P party was occurring. Music played loud, people danced and drinks were served by there beautiful staff.

Only those of high status or were a well known celebrity can gain access to these parties. Only the best of everything was featured during the party.

Amongst the special guests sitting at the bottle service V.I.P tables was Bruno with his band. With all the late night practices for the concert, as well as the first show approaching fast they thought a party would be fun.

Many of the female guests would approach there table to attempt to flirt with either Bruno and the Hooligans, which most succeeded doing. With Bruno being a new bachelor ladies, took no time in trying to grab his attention.

" We needed this gentleman " said John before taking a sip of his beverage, " I agree first show is next week and it’s sure to be a night of great success " added Eric standing holding up his drink as the others got excited.

Bruno smiled hearing his brother but during the party events from earlier were still going through his head. After Sarita walked away from him in a hurry, the same feeling he had in his chest when she audition returned. As well as his compliment repeating, ” Bruno…you there….Bruno ” said Eric as he poked his forehead.

When he finally reacted everyone was looking at him, ” you okay buddy your minds been wandering for awhile now ” said Philip before finishing his drink. After a deep breath Bruno spoke, ” I guess I’m alright ” he explained before taking a sip of his whiskey on ice.

Everyone looked up at one another with a confused expression, ” what’s been on your mind…exactly? ” asked John while they waited.

After taking a deep breath, downing a few shots of patron and explaining to them what occurred between him with Sarita, aside from the music playing; the group went quiet.

Bruno told them everything from how he surprised her, to how she tensed up when he asked questions, to how he complimented her til she ran off. Simply just talking about it made the unknown feeling return to his chest.

" Wow that’s something unexpected " said Kameron with his brows raised and a shot close to his lips. " I know I felt like I tried to much " replied Bruno before taking a sip of his drink.

Philip took a deep breath before speaking, ” maybe it’s not that buddy it could be a possible that she’s antisocial ” he replied, ” I don’t know about that theory? ” questioned Phredley scratching his neck. ” I wonder what she’s doing now? ” asked Bruno while staring at the ice bucket.

* Meanwhile else where *


The dinner rush at the Vegas Strip Diner had ended, whoever walked in came to enjoy old fashioned comfort food. Many of there tables were occupied by many of late night workers from either hotels, performers, taxi driver or truckers including tourists that were out late.

This place was also where Sarita worked at night to make extra income for her family.

Sarita was currently clearing off a table filled with lots of messy plates and a messy gravy spill. ” Oh boy I hope Eva doesn’t do this to me one day ” she laughed recalling the 10 year old that spilled it. ” Having fun? ” asked Megan as she cleared a table 3 tables away from Sarita.

" Lots of fun " she answered wiping the table down with a warm soapy cloth, Megan couldn’t resist from laughing, " at least it didn’t get spilled on you, I’ve had both cold and warm on me " explained Megan shaking her head. " I actually once spilled hot soup on my hand " said Sarah recalling her memory.

" So tell me dear gotta man? " asked Megan as they headed to the counter, " no I don’t " Sarita replied sadly while putting dirty dishes in the big plastic tub by the kitchen door. Megan sighed sadly, " let me guess Eva’s father walked out " making Sarita stop, " it’s the opposite way around actually " she said, " I left because he wanted me to get rid of Eva " she added breathing deeply.

Megan closed her eyes then shook her head, ” I’m sorry to hear that he’s an asshole ” she said helping organize dishes. ” That’s what everyone says about him, since then I haven’t dated or socialized ” Sarita explained as she moved to putting dirty utensils in carriers.

" Sarita don’t let insecurity stop you from meeting someone " stated Megan getting Sarita to look up at her, " your gorgeous I’ll bet anything the next man to come into your life will do everything to make you happy and who knows maybe Eva will call him daddy one day " she added smiling as well as Sarita.

" I get told that a lot Megan I’m trying it’s just hard to open up to someone " Sarita explained as she finished with the dirty dishes, " whenever someone tries talking to me I get all tense and I get scared " she added taking a breath.

" Don’t be like that just be you and remember it’s not your ex " advised Megan putting a hand on her shoulder. " why is it so difficult " said Sarita " it’s not, you just gotta give guys a chance and let them get close little by little " explained Megan, " I’m sure you can do that " she added.

After taking a moment to think Sarita smiled, ” Your right I should ” she answered as the front door bell rang, ” that’s my girl…oh let’s get to work ” she replied as they both hurried to tend customers.

The day was only a couple hours away and who knows what may happen




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