Ah yes when love was more loving

Ah yes when love was more loving

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So pretty

So pretty

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Unfinished Dream: Chapter 9


Chapter 9 

Sarita’s POV



My hand searched for the alarm clock making that annoying sound, it was difficult feeling for it if my eyes were still closed. Letting out a light groan I slowly opened my eyes and looked around so that I could shut it off.

Once it was off, I stretched out my arms while letting a loud yawn go. I blinked a bit to feel more awake then looked out the window to see the beautiful early morning sun rise, ” Good morning ” I greeted staring.

I looked down at myself to see my waitress uniform was on, I must of been more tired then I thought. What a night, I still can’t believe Bruno came to the diner but not only that he also got me to forget all my insecurities. Then he gave me a ride home.

" Ma..mama " said Eva standing in the crib which got me smiling, " Good morning baby girl " I replied walking over to her. I even told him that I’m a mother, and that her father is nothing but a memory I’ve forgotten. I let out a sigh remembering Bruno asking me out sometime, I still don’t know yet.

" Eva what should mommy do? " I asked holding her close, " depends what it is " answered mom from the door which startled me a bit. " Good morning mom " I greeted smiling, " morning and what’s on your mind? " she asked as I walked over towards her.

" A lot mom " I answered going to the kitchen and putting Eva in her feeding chair, " is dancing not going well? " asked mom taking a seat at the table. " that’s going fine….it’s just " I stopped to take a deep breath then filled the kettle with water, " I got asked out " I added staring at the pot fill up.

" Is that it…Sarita that’s wonderful " replied mom in excitement which shocked me, " I’m serious dear I think it’s great " she added while I put the pot on the stove. " Wow I never thought I’d hear that from you " I answered still trying to get over the shock.

At times it surprises what my mom says and when she does its either very surprising or the funniest thing ever. ” so are you going to on the date? ” she asked smiling, ” again mom I don’t know if I should ” I replied reaching for Eva’s cereal. ” Sweetie your concerned that a man won’t accept your a mother, right? ” mom asked as I handed the cereal by mom.

" Yes it does and that he’ll never accept Eva which is the biggest deal breaker for me " I explained going back to check on the kettle.

Mom sighed as she fed Eva, ” Sarita yes you were in love once and it went wrong, but it doesn’t mean you should shut out the every man that wants to know you ” she said glancing at me, ” I’ll bet anything that if you give him the chance to get close he just might be the greatest love of your life ” she added giving Eva more cereal.

I took a deep breath before facing mom, ” I want to try but my fears still come up ” I cried trying not to let tears fall, ” don’t let fear get to you remember that ” explained mom wiping Eva’s face. ” Your right…I gotta let this fear go and go with it ” I sighed regaining myself.

” That’s my girl, see Eva your mother is a strong woman ” she said smiling while Eva giggled looking at me. ” Thanks mom I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t here ” I replied walking over her to hug her, ” I’m always here ” she said hugging me back, ” mama ” Eva said getting us to look at her. ” And I’m happy your here too my girl ” I added picking her up holding her close before kissing her head.

Bruno’s POV


Ceasers Palace

For some reason I was up pretty early I normally get up at 9:30 but today was different why, because I’m really happy. I was so happy that I was in the collusium where the concert is taking place practicing my drumming.

I had the biggest grin on my face as I kept the rhythm, it could be possible that my reason for being like this is because I got to talk to Sarita. Not just a simple ” hello, how are you? ” this was a full on conversation and it’s one I don’t plan to forget.

Even though Sarita was insecure during our conversation she slowly opened up to me, I didn’t want her to feel pressured or scared but to take her time in telling me about herself.

I hope that when I get the chance to talk to her again our conversation will be longer.

I beat the last couple notes and let out a deep breath, ” that’s the way ” I sighed carefully placing the sticks on the side. Suddenly I heard clapping from the distance and standing there was the guys. ” WOAH!!!!!! “, ” GO BRUNO “, I couldn’t help but laugh at there applause.

At times I enjoy practicing with my instruments but with the concert just a week away I had to make sure the guys and myself were prepared. ” Another impressive performance ” praised Dwayne as him and the guys walked over, ” true but there’s something else going on? ” said Kameron smiling.

" Yeah you sound too good…unless.." questioned Eric as his reaction as well as the others went from calm to excitement of a lifetime. " Oh Bruno you got some details to tell us " said Philip as he pulled me to the middle while the others surrounded me. " Man you guys….really? " I asked laughing.

" Yes really now tell us did you talk to Sarita? " asked John with his arms crossed, " If you hooligans must know yes and I even gave her a ride home " I answered which got them high-fiving one another and even a few whistles. " So what did you learn? " Phredley asked grinning.

I looked down for a bit before answering, ” poor Angel has it rough ” I sighed getting the guys to look confused, ” how so? ” asked Jamero, ” she’s working extra to pay for everything including her mom’s physio therapy and to make sure her little girl has a good start as well as…” but I was cut off by Philip.

" Woah…hold it now….did you say her little girl? " he asked while I nodded, " she’s a mama? " added Kameron. " Yes she has a child " I replied as everyone went silent, " I gotta say she’s a hot looking mommy " commented James smiling while the others agreed.

I let out a sigh, ” hey guys come on be respectful ” I replied thinking back to our conversation last night, ” so do you know how old her child is? ” asked Eric which was something that didn’t occur me to ask. ” I don’t know ” I answered looking dumbfounded.

" What about the father? " John asked with crossed arms, " none existent, when Sarita told him she was pregnant " I breathed before telling them, " he didn’t get excited the only thing that asshole said was get rid of it " I finished. The guys reaction was the same as mine last night with signs of anger.

" Geez that’s just freakin unbelievable…what kind of a man says that to the woman that’s expecting his child " explained Philip looking frustrated, " your right though he is an asshole " added Dwyane.

” I know Sarita put everything behind to to be a responsible mother ” I replied mentally picturing all the struggles, ” day in day out all hard work just to take care those most important ” I added looking forward knowing the guys looked at me with amusement.

" Bruno just ask her out already before someone else does " sighed Jamero trying not to laugh. " I did but she didn’t give me an answer " I replied smiling, " wait you asked her but no answer? " asked Dwyane looking confused, " yeah but hey if she needs time I’ll let her have it " I said, " I’ll wait " I added before looking at the pole where she’ll be dancing.

Sarita’s POV


My work schedule today was insanity, instead of going to the dance studio to practice for the show Monica had me in the gym doing a full on workout which is not easy.

Cardio and toning my body was no walk in the park, I have been sweating like crazy the entire morning. And if that wasn’t enough I even had a diet that included, lots of vegetables, fruit, lean meats, fish, absolutely no fried foods, desserts, or carbs. Including a lot of water.

" Okay now…that’s good " announced the trainer her had me just do 15 squats while holding a 10 pound medicine ball. I was out of breath and exhausted, sweat literally was running down my back, neck, forehead and chest.

" So how do you feel? " asked Monica looking at me laying on the mats, " worn out " I sighed trying to catch my breath, " I gotta keep you in good shape Sarita remember there are outfits as well " Monica explained giving me a water bottle.

Hearing her mention the outfits had me a bit nervous, I tried not to think about them mostly cause I’ll be wearing clothing that barely covers me in front of an auditorium full of people and next to Bruno with his band. I felt a bit warmer thinking about it.

After downing the water I stood up, even though this workout was brutal I had to admit it was paying off, my stomach was tightened, my legs and arms were toned. ” What’s next after this? ” I asked looking at Monica, ” well your gonna go for fittings ” she answered, ” remember first show is Friday night ” which caused me to widen my eyes.

" My god…really? " I answered nervously, " if your nervous about the show don’t be you’ll do great " replied Monica smiling, " thank you but what I’m more nervous about is the little clothing I’ll be wearing " I said which got Monica laughing. " Oh got it pretty good actually just be lucky your not completely naked " she said making me blush.

" That’s making me feel even better " I sighed, " don’t worry I’ve spoken to the designer and she’s come up with a lot of varieties for you " explained Monica texting on her phone. " As long as I’m not wearing anything made of strings " I thought to myself while standing up. " Go take a shower and I’ll see you in the studio " announced Monica as she walked out of the gym.

I let out a heavy sigh before walking over to the locker rooms, ” I should of expected this ” I said opening my bag, ” even though I didn’t make it through my last audition….I knew that I was going to be put in outfits are revealing ” I added taking my workout clothes off.

At least on the bright side that I’m not taking anything off, plus if I recall there are a few Cirque De Soulei shows that have the performers fully unclothed. I guess I do have it pretty good, ” okay now to take a cold shower ” I announced rushing into a shower stall.

Normal POV

In a very prestigious and luxurious neighborhood aways from the crazy strip, famous performers or celebrities lived in high class and expensive looking home. Big enough for a party of 500 guests or more.

Each home had there unique look and structure, some even had add ons by the occupant who purchased the grand looking home.

During this moment Bruno accompanied by Philip and Eric, along with the real estate agent who has been showing Bruno houses for the past few weeks was about to sign the deal on his new home.

" Alright Mr . Hernandez here we are I got all the paper work done and you can move in officially " explained the agent while handing Bruno the keys to his 3 floor luxury home, " thank you very much for showing me the houses " he replied taking the keys and documents.

" My pleasure also as we discussed earlier all the floors have been changed to wood " said the agent, " awesome I’ll start moving in right away then " said Bruno as he shook hands with him before taking off. Both Philip and Eric admired Bruno’s new home.

" Wow very impressive " said Eric admiring the architecture of the house, " your officially a Las Vegas local " teased Philip as the three walked up to the front door. " Yes I am, this is a new start " replied Bruno as he unlocked the door, once open both the guys reacted.

When walking in people saw lots of space, big windows that let all the natural light in, a nice area for the piano, a beautiful kitchen, dining room a nice stair case that lead to 5 bedrooms 2 which Bruno thought would be used for work. One can be a studio the other an office.

But the best part was the patio that had a brand new deck, BBQ area, a beautiful pool and a great place for parties. ” Can’t wait to have a party guys ” announced Bruno smiling, ” well you gotta have some of those ” said Philip admiring the yard.

" How else are you going to meet the one " said Eric, " your right…how about after the first show I have a party here invite the guys and some other people we know " explained Bruno looking around, " invite the lovely lady who you can’t stop thinking about " teased Philip smiling.

Bruno smiled, ” of course I’m inviting Sarita how couldn’t I ” he replied looking to the side.

Meanwhile back at the hotel

" We’re waiting " said Tanya who was the designer for Sarita’s outfits, " Sarita we ain’t got all day " added Monica, " it’s just so revealing " answered Sarita from behind the curtain. " Oh please just get your butt out here " said Katherine who had tagged along.

Sarita took a deep breath before finally walking out, once the others saw her all hell broke loose. ” Oh my god you look hot ” said Tanya, ” I hope Eva never sees me like this ” said Sarita looking at herself in the mirror wearing a long sleeved one piece ( swimsuit ) outfit with slits on the chest.

" Very nice I told you it would be tasteful " explained Monica.

" I’ll admit it’s not as revealing as I thought " said Sarita looking at herself more, " believe it or not these outfits are just the beginning with the 8 months to come I’m going to make sure you have something new " explained Tanya smiling at Sarita.

The next couple hours revolved around Sarita’s outfits, consulting different styles for her hair and make up. After that Monica let Sarita know about the rehearsal she had at 3 in the Colussium, til then she was free. So Tanya, Katherine and herself went for lunch.

" I’ll have the chicken Alfredo with linguine and garlic bread " ordered Katherine, " I’ll have the lasagna " said Tanya smiling, Sarita sighed deeply while nervously making her order, " I’ll have a garden salad no dressing, croutons or cheese " while she gave the waiter the menu knowing Tanya and Katherine looked at her wide eyed.

" Damn….I thought you were going to order spinach/feta tortellini or chicken parmesan " said Tanya, " yeah there your favorites sweetie " added Katherine curiously. " I have to follow a meal plan to stay slim " Sarita explained before taking a sip of water. " Really? If you told us we could of gone else where and not have Italian " replied Katherine looking at her.

" Hey it’s okay don’t worry about me you guys enjoy " said Sarita smiling, " plus after the first shows this weekend Monica is letting me indulge " she added looking forward to her cheat day. " Good its been like what 3 weeks since you’ve been on this diet " asked Tanya smiling.

A couple hours after lunch Sarita headed towards the collusium for the rehearsal, while walking her breathing was unsteady and her heart was racing. She wasn’t the type to be nervous but today was it. Reality finally hit her hard while realizing that she will be dancing half dressed on stage in front of a lot of people.

Sure she’s danced back up at clubs for singers trying to get out there, or has done countless auditions, but didn’t even get a chance at the music video because she got pregnant. This is what she’s wanted to do for a long time and nows her chance.

Once at the Collusium Sarita took a deep breath, ” nothing can stop Sarita you can do this make everyone dearest to you proud ” she whispered alone before walking into the collusium.

Sarita’s POV

Once inside I heard instruments playing and on stage was not only Monica but Bruno and his band. ” She didn’t tell me this ” I said making my way towards the stage. ” Good your on time ” announced Monica getting everyone to look at me.

" Am I suppose to? " I asked walking up the stairs, " yes, now of course you remember Bruno and his band " replied Monica leading me towards them, " yes I do hello again everyone " I greeted smiling. " May I say on behalf of us all that we are truly blessed to have you " said one of the members.

Even though we just saw one another last night, it felt like I was meeting them for the first time. ” I’ll do my best for everyone ” I answered, ” you’ll be amazing ” said Bruno smiling at me, which got me blushing.” Thank you ” I said.

" Alright let’s get to it people only 3 days til Friday " Monica instructed as we all got to out places.

5 Hours Later

This seriously was the most insane thing ever, Monica had surprised me with a few extras that we didn’t practice for. Surprise #1 was my entrance on the stage, before I get to my station I walk out from an entrance way beside the drummer, surprise #2 had me stop breathing why because I had to not only make eye contact with Bruno but I had to walk in a very seductive many towards my area.

Then finally surprise #3 was to slide my finger up from Bruno’s chest to his chin. The reason behind this was to kinda recreate the atmosphere like the video well with a few extra perks. No wonder Bruno’s music is listened to by so many, it’s different with how he feels.

But actually practicing to his song really made the biggest difference, I always let my mind loose but this time I was taken to a place I’ve never been before. A new world that only so few could go. The lyrics were really unique as well as the beats.

" Hey…amazing job " said Bruno walking up to me, " thank you Monica has been very specific " I replied smiling looking back at him. " Sarita last night I didn’t pay the bill and I personally would like to make it up to you " he explained nervously. " No its okay no worries about it " I answered knowing well what he was referring to.

" I’m serious Sarita and I mean it….I wanted to know if you want to go on a date with me? " he asked putting his hands in his pockets. I couldn’t help help but think how cute he looks right now and I’m also feeling shocked.

Bruno’s POV

It was now or never I finally asked Sarita out, I know that we haven’t had a chance to get familiar with one another but I’m just thinking what better way to get to know each other.

Plus I know that the guys are only pretending to put there instruments, and after Sarita answers gone they’ll make fun of me.

" What do you say? " I asked eagerly awaiting her reply, " um….I’ll ask one of my friends to babysit " she answered smiling which got me excited, " is that a yes then? " I asked, " yes I’d like to " she said. " Awesome is Thursday @ 7 okay " I asked her, " perfect I’ll see you then " she replied before grabbing her bag and walking back stage.

My heart was racing really fast but it was due to the fact that I finally asked her out. ” About time ” said Philip while wrapping his arm around my neck, ” got yourself a date ” added John, everyone was pretty much saying something to me.

" Better take her somewhere nice " said Kameron, " I will I plan to treat her well, it’s gonna be a night we’ll remember " I replied smiling. " Good on you " added Eric as the teasing of finally asking out Sarita continued on.





About a week or 2 ago, while walking and minding my own business to the local 7/11, an idiot driving in his car honks and shouts outs to me ’ UGLY CRAZY WHORE!!! ” thankfully there weren’t many people or cars around but I thought to myself ‘ what a creep “. I mean what made him shout that out? Was it to impress his friends he was with or did he really think I was a prostitute walking out in the bright day?

And again today while waiting for the public bus another creep with his buddies in the car, honks. Honestly what makes guys do this? I even secretly said I hope they crash or fall off a bridge wherever they’re going, yes a little cruel but hey guys that think shouting out a comment to women like not cool. How many times have you and a group of friends were walking or hanging out and suddenly some jerk in either a broken down car or new car says that.

It honestly makes me feel angry. It’s not like I’m ( or others ) are looking for attention, all of us just mind our business with whatever were doing. And for people who do it just move along and think more before you HONK!!! Or it just might bite you where it hurts.


A Love Unexpected: Chapter 56


Chapter 56

Ceremony Starts

Bruno’s POV

Just a bit aways I could hear the music start, instead of going with a traditional wedding song both Sarita and I picked ” If I knew ” played by a pianist accompanied by a violinist and cieloist.

Both dad and Leah were standing on both sides. ” Its okay just breath ” said Dad smiling, ” don’t worry she’s feeling the same as well ” replied Leah smiling, ” but not as nervous as I’m feeling now ” I said trying not to laugh. Suddenly David came to us, ” okay ready? ” he asked.

I took one last deep breath before I hooked my arm with Leah while dad put a hand on my back, I looked towards David and nodded, ” left and right ” he whispered as we began walking down the isle.

Once everyone saw me walking in they all got up and started cheering which got me laughing, people from the music industry were here, prodcers, directors, celebrities and of course family and friends.

This is it I’m getting married to the woman I’m in love with, my soulmate, I get to call her my wife and the one I share my life with. I’ve waited so long to meet the woman I’ll be growing old with, I don’t know what life obstacles are to come for us but I know that Sarita will be there with me.

Once we reached the end, Leah gave me a kiss on the cheek along with a hug then took her seat on the right next to Lucas, followed by dad also giving me a hug and taking his seat on the left. I took my spot on the alter and watched as Eric and Philip walked down followed by the others coming out.

As each of the guys came out it was only a matter of time til Sarita came out. The music continued playing and then that’s when I saw Tanya walking out followed by Katherine, My sisters and Sarita’s sister in laws.

My breathing started getting slow as I continued to watch, Jay and Adam came out next. My Angel was getting closer to making her appearance soon, suddenly everyone started complimenting on how adorable Lila and my nephews looked. It was a very cute sight especially since they were all under the age of 5.

I’m not only getting a wife today but I’m getting a new family with a mother, brothers, sisters, nephews and a niece. I know Leah can never replace my mom but it’s good to know I have one that loves me like a son.

Suddenly everyone got up from there chair and the music changed to the bridal march. Slowly my Angel finally made her appearance, I felt Eric bump me making me smile ” wow ” I sighed in a thick tone of voice.

Sarita’s POV

I took a deep breaths with my eyes closed, while Ricko was calm; ” hey it’s okay don’t be scared ” he whispered, ” I’m just recollecting myself ” I replied shyly. ”

David fixed my train a little before we went out, ” you look very beautiful Sarita ” said Ricko looking at me smiling, ” thank you ” I replied smiling, ” okay ready? ” asked David I nodded taking another deep breath before walking out.

As me and Ricko stepped out everyone started cheering and applauding making me feel less nervous, I was amazed seeing everyone. But then my eyes finally met Bruno who waited at the end, I couldn’t believe how handsome he looks in his tuxedo. I finally get to be with him for life and was looking forward to see what’s to come.

As we finally reached the end Bruno walked towards us, while our eyes were glued to one anothers. ” Who gives this woman to this man in marriage ” asked the priest, ” her family and I do ” answered Ricko giving me a hug then shook Bruno’s hand before placing mine in his.

We took a step onto the alter and its as though time stood as we both smiled brightly. ” You look so beautiful ” he mouthed smiling, ” your really handsome ” I replied back.

" Family and Friends before we start Bruno and Sarita wish to have a moment for the loved ones in there lives that were taken too soon " announced the priest. Everyone looked to the side and there displayed amongst white roses and Lilies with white candles lit were big photos of Bernadette and my dad.

" A moment of silence everyone " he added as they looked at the display. It was hard for me and Bruno not having his mom and my dad here, but in some form there here with us. Bruno held my hand close to his heart, " I love you so much " I whispered trying not to cry, " and I love you Sarita forever and always " he replied smiling.

Afterwards it was finally time to begin the ceremony.

Normal POV

" Family and Friends we are gathered here today to join two lives together Bruno Mars and Sarita Roche. They wish to share this moment with loved ones, destiny brought them together and that the bond of unity is here to place them together for this day " the priest explained smiling.

Throughout the whole time as the priest spoke everyone smiled while hearing the wise words of unity, love, life and marriage. On the right side Leahs tears were already falling, watching her only daughter get married was a lifes wish she’s had. She always hoped Sarita to get married to a man that will love, respect and cherish her.

When Richard passed away she thought her life was over that she wouldn’t be able to succeed in taking care of things. But she had her children and all the strength she needed from them, Leah made sure they ate well, had clothes on there back and went to school.

In the end they all grew up well and took steps of there own, ” I did good ” she sighed recalling everything.

Peter couldn’t stop smiling watching his son get married, one of his memories of Bernadette was when there kids were still young and she would randomly start talking about them getting married. She would say ” what kind of girls Eric and Bruno will like ” and ” my girls are going to have amazing husbands “.

It made him laugh a little recalling that memory. But with her gone it hurt him inside that she wasn’t able to see her son get married to a beautiful, smart and loving woman; in small ways she kinda reminded him of Bernadette.

And if Sarita had gotten the chance to meet Bernadette, she would of been scared to death since it’s Bruno’s mother. Even if scared Peter knew Bernadette would love Sarita and would enjoy getting to know her. ” Bernadette she makes our son happy, I hope you can see her from heaven ” he whispered smiling at his son and Sarita.

" At this time the couple will say there vows " announced the Priest. Sarita handed her bouquet to Tanya then joined hands with Bruno followed by the microphone handed to Sarita.

After a deep breath Sarita looked into his eyes and began talking, ” Bruno, I want you to always know I love you, without you life would be lonely, you make me smile everyday, you dry my tears, we share everything. Your everything I could wish for in a husband, your my strength, my courage, the warmth and most importantly your my heart ” she said as tears slid down the side of her face.

Bruno stood still for a bit, ” are you okay? Asked Sarita, ” buddy it’s your turn ” whispered Philip as Bruno finally reacted causing everyone to laugh, ” sorry ” he laughed before taking the microphone.

Bruno looked at Sarita before speaking, ” Sarita my Angel from heaven, I want you to know that you have completed my life. Your always there for me when somethings on my mind, you make me smile, your my inspiration to keep going, I love that your kind and caring towards others. Your my light that brightens my life, without you life would be lonely. Always remember Sarita I love you forever ” he finished as tears fell then he pressed her fingers against his brows.

Sarita’s POV

I probably wasn’t the only one with tears right now, hearing Bruno’s vow was very emotional that it even got him crying. Very carefully I wiped his tears away and he looked up at smiling, ” I love you ” I whispered, ” I love you too ” he replied as we continued on.

" Bruno do you take Sarita to be your wife to love and to hold in sickness and in health, for richer or poor as long as you both shall live, til death do you part? " asked the Priest, " I do " answered Bruno smiling at me, " Sarita do you take Bruno to be your husband to love and to hold in sickness and in health, for richer or poor as long as you both shall live, til death do you part? " he asked again, " I do " I answered blushing.

Jay and Adam walked over with the rings to Philip and Katherine who got to stand next to us.

" Rings represent a bond, to remember the vows you made to one another you said this day " explained the priest as Katherine handed me Bruno’s ring, " Bruno within your ring is the gold from Sarita’s fathers ring " he added as I smiled at Bruno’s surprised expression.

” Repeat after me Sarita ” I nodded, ” with this ring I thee wed ” he said. I took Bruno’s hand and smiled ” with this ring I thee wed ” I cried while carefully putting it on his ring finger, ” and Bruno same words ” repeated the priest. ” With this ring I thee wed ” said Bruno smiling.

Bruno’s POV

" By the power vested in me I officially pronounce you Husband and Wife, Bruno you may kiss your bride " announced the Priest I brought Sarita in, wrapped my arms tightly around her and kissed her deeply in front of our family and friends who cheered out loud.

After the kiss I looked into my wifes eyes and smiled, ” I love you so much ” I said, ” and I feel the same ” she cried giving me a light kiss. ” Ladies and Gentlemen I present Mr and Mrs Hernandez ” said Philip as we made our way up the Isle with my arm securely around her waist while everyone threw petals at us.

I couldn’t stop smiling I was now officially a married man to an amazing woman. ” Your my wife now ” I said as we walked out of the gardens, ” and your my husband ” replied Sarita glowing, ” I can’t express enough how much you mean to me and how I can make you even happier ” I explained as tears started falling down my face, Sarita smiled before gently wiping them away.

" You already made me happy " she replied smiling, " I’ll make sure its for the rest of our lives " I whispered before kissing her deeply once again. " WOOOOAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! " cheered our groups from the side, " still couldn’t get enough " teased Philip as everyone watched us.


After welcoming our guests, they we’re all at the cocktail party, enjoying drinks and amazing food prepared by the catering company.

Meanwhile were on another part of the hotel taking pictures, with both our groups and family. David made sure we had drinks and food brought to us as well.

" Mmmmmm….damn this is good " complimented Phredley as he bit into a piece of herb encrusted lamb, " you gotta try this shrimp " said Tahiti, " oh my god everything is seriously good " said Lucas as he walked around sampling everything.

Sarita and I stood by taking a sip of our drinks, ” so far so good ” sighed Sarita, ” yeah don’t forget we still got the reception ” I replied smiling, ” I know its going to be a very long and fun night ” she said blushing as I leaned to kiss her once more, ” I can taste the cocktail your having ” I whispered making her blush. ” Would you like a spring roll? ” asked the server as we both grabbed one.

I had to admit taking photos today was fun, it didn’t feel like the photo shoots I had to do for magazines or promotions; it was a nice change to be taking photos that had great meaning. Me and Sarita will be looking at these photos for years.

After lots of pictures with our groups and family it was time for the ones that would just have me and Sarita, the hotels gardens were very beautiful and set the mood. From walking or laying on the grass, to leaning against the trees, at one point I was under the veil facing my angel.


After the photos we had time to enjoy to ourselves, Sarita and I sat under the gazibal by the pond. ” my wife how do you feel so far as Mrs.Hernandez ? ” I asked smiling at her, ” I’m so happy my husband words can’t describe how I feel right now ” she replied looking up at me.

Suddenly a warm breeze kicked in, I look back and for a moment I thought I heard faint voices. ” Did you hear something? ” I asked looking at Sarita who had a surprised look on her face, ” yeah glad I’m not the only one ” she sighed looking around.

" It almost sounded like voices didn’t it " I explained, " I know right " Sarita replied before looking back at me with a small smile.

I took her hand in mine, ” I will do everything to keep you happy I love you ” I explained before leaning in to kiss her deeply. ” If the newly wed couple aren’t too busy the reception is about to start ” announced Eric while trying not to laugh.

We both started laughing, ” shall we my bride? ” I asked offering my hand to her, ” yes ” she replied carefully walking on the path. No doubt our guests were eagerly waiting for me and Sarita to make our appearance.

I couldn’t help but look back as we walked, ” I swear I heard something ” I thought to myself before looking back at my wife.

??? POV

A little bit aways two faded figures stood watching Bruno and Sarita walk on the garden path. The woman figure closed her eyes and smiled, ” I’m so happy for him ” she sighed then looked at the man beside her, ” I’m overjoyed to see her smile ” he said smiling.

" Your daughter has a pure heart " complimented the woman, " your son is very respectful " replied the man, " they’ll be happy together " she said smiling, " yes they will " he added. After Bruno and Sarita were out of sight they turned around and started walking.

" Beautiful ceremony don’t you think Richard? " asked the woman, " very beautiful indeed Bernadette it was kind for our children to include us " he answered, " I feel deeply touched " replied Bernadette looking up at the sky. " Same and they know we’ll always be there " said Richard as they both disappeared.



Let’s Get Fit!

I want all of it ♡♡♡♡


Let’s Get Fit!

I want all of it ♡♡♡♡





Kinda reminded me of chapter 18

Kinda reminded me of chapter 18

(via naughty-couples)

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